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Your Logistics &
Supply Chain Resource

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Contact us for more information about our scheduled public seminars or about customized in-house training to meet your specific corporate objectives.

Training Services

CATTAN has set the standard for training in the areas of Logistics and Supply Chain management.  Because we practice what we teach, we can assist our clients during implementation through consulting, coaching, and/or on-site training.  

Let us put our experience to work for you!

Our seminars cover a wide variety of topics in these general areas:

Tap into these valuable CATTAN seminar resources!

  • Expert Instructors
    Our instructors are known not only for their expertise in their respective fields, but they have the hands-on experience and learner-focused presentation skills to help you put leading edge theories and best practices to use in your own work environment. 

  • Comprehensive Workbooks
    Our workbooks serve as complete reference manuals, filled with definitions, examples, forms, and checklists that you can readily adapt and use on the job long after the seminar ends.

  • Practice Makes Perfect
    Our exercises and case studies are designed to help you practice using the new skills you acquire in our workshops so you can realize practical benefits in the workplace right away.