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Our Team

CATTAN’s qualified team is ready to help you meet your Logistics and Supply Chain goals, whether you need expert consultation or learner-focused training to build the skills of your own team. 

Our associates are known for their functional expertise, analytical abilities, operations acumen, and common-sense approach.  Because of our diversified and extensive “hands on” experience, both in the field and in the classroom, we can honestly say, “We practice what we teach.”

Let us put our experience to work for you!  Here are some of our resource team members and their comprehensive credentials:

Tom Tanel, C.P.M., CTL, CCA, CISCM

President & CEO

Thomas L. Tanel is President, CEO, and founding Principal of CATTAN, bringing a seasoned and practical approach to his consultations and to his popular seminars, which span the topics of Purchasing and Supply Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Demand Chain Management, Business Process Outsourcing, and ... 

Ron Grossman, PMC, PCMH, CISCM, CEPP

Executive Consultant & Practice Leader 

Ronald D. Grossman is CATTANs resident expert and practice leader on Traffic and Warehouse Management, Export/Import Operations, Lean Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Systems Enhancement and Implementation. The diversity of Ron’s expertise is reflected in the seminars he conducts on these topics, and he also covers ...

Stan Dubroff, JD, C.P.C.M., CIPN

Executive Vice President & CFO

Dr. Stanley Dubroff is a Principal and co-founder of CATTAN, serving as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  Not only is he renowned as a dynamic seminar leader and consultant in the areas of Contract Law; Contract Administration, Solicitation, and Subcontract Management; Negotiations; Contract Writing; and the Uniform Commercial Code, but ...

Ken Martin, JD, CPP, CIPN

Executive Consultant

Kenneth D. Martin, our resident expert on the Convention for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), serves as business advisor, counsel, and instructor in Commercial Business Agreements, Company Ethics and Compliance Programs, Intellectual Property, Claims and Litigation, Negotiations, Government Contracts, and Contract and Purchasing Administration ...  

George Yarusavage, C.P.M., CTL, CPIM, CISCM

Executive Consultant 

George Yarusavage specializes in the fields of Supply Chain Management; Logistics and Distribution; Traffic and Transportation; Purchasing and Procurement; and 3PL Outsourcing.  He has held a number of transportation, logistics, and purchasing management positions throughout his 38-year career of line, staff, consulting, and education activity ...

Mike Gozzo, CPIM, CSCP, CQA

Executive Consultant & Project Manager

Michael W. Gozzo has a track record of more than 40 years as a Specialist and a Trainer in the fields of Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Demand Flow Technology, Just-In-Time, Total Quality Control, Manufacturing Systems Implementation, and Production/Operations Management ...

Mike Babineaux, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.

Executive Consultant

F. Michael Babineaux is a consultant, professional development specialist, and subject matter expert who focuses on Purchasing and Supply Management training, education, certification training, and consulting services. Currently serving as an Executive Consultant with CATTAN, Mike previously earned his BS with majors in Marketing, Economics, and ...  

Brian Cunningham, PMP, CPIM

Executive Consultant & Project Manager

Brian F. Cunningham has had a lengthy and distinguished career encompassing all components of the Supply Chain, including Strategy, Strategic Sourcing, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Technology.  With over 40 years of experience in both domestic and international operations, he offers knowledge transfer based on his line positions with a Fortune 50 ...

George BergerCPMO, CISCM

Executive Consultant

George Berger is a specialist and consultant in Distribution Operations, CAD Layouts, Automatic Identification Technologies, Data Collection Systems, Material Handling System Design, Warehouse and Inventory Control Systems, Project Moves and Relocation, and Warehouse and Fulfillment Management Systems. Mr. Berger has more than 40 years of ...

Loran Boenig, CIPME

Chief Operating Officer & Treasurer

Loran K. "Lonny" Boenig has served as a seminar leader and consultant in Project Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Performance Systems Management, Analytic Troubleshooting, Business Writing, and Communication Skills, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of results-based corporate training and development. Currently ...

 For more information about any of our qualified associates, please contact us.

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